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Free photocopiers for the NHS, Schools & Colleges

B2B Copier Solutions supply a significant number of MFD's (Multi Functional Devices) at no upfront or ongoing expense to colleges, schools and hospitals as a result of the free copier NHS scheme. Given these MFD's are loaned without cost, schools can benefit from their use and have to chance to generate a small profit from these machines, therefore preventing the need to spend their capital-expenditure budget. B2B Copier Solutions supply essential equipment, without any additional extra costs usually connected to MFDs. This allows our customers to use their money in different areas of importance, and on other beneficial factors.

How does it work?

This scheme was originally trialled as a test project, investigating how feasible loaning machines without charge could be, being self-financing allowing the party concerned to make more efficient use of their budgets. This was planned to be accomplished via B2B Copier Solutions taking on equipment/machine costs, encompassed within copy charges set by the NHS facility or school relying on the volume of use to make it financially feasible. This concept proved so effective that a dedicated division was setup, primarily to deal with the supplying of free photocopiers to NHS bodies, schools & colleges.

Will it be cost effective?

Here at B2B Copier Solutions we are able to provide our copiers, without the large equipment costs. We simply supply schools with the tools required to copy with, minimising their outlay, as they will only need to pay for replacement items such as paper. This means that educational establishments can win when it comes to using the equipment and not have to spend out on capital equipment costs. B2B Copier Solutions bring essential copiers to schools without the overheads normally associates with these tools.

What is the service back up?

The cost per copy charge covers the free machine and also the service back up. This back up service is combined of labour, spare parts, all emergency callouts and toner. Our target is to stick to a two-hour response time to any service, which includes a routine preventative maintenance. Training for all of the equipment is supplied upon installation and if required is available on a more frequent basis.

Available Equipment

Collections of systems are accessible, ranging from low volume machines, producing 20 copies per minute to more higher volume copy/printers capable of 105 copies per minute. These systems can either be simple, stand alone units, or multifunctional systems that are digitally networked. All of our available devices come with document feed, duplex and sorting as standard. There are no constraints on the amount of units per school, simply choose what best suits your requirements.

FREE Copiers For Schools

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